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The problem

It's hard to find a therapist.

You need a therapist, but have to wait weeks or even months to find one who's available.

And even when you do get an appointment, sometimes you just don’t vibe and that therapist isn’t the right fit for you.

Excessive waiting, bad experiences, feeling discouraged… this is not what mental health care should look like.

The solution

We make it easy to find the right therapist for you.

Our approach has three stages:

  1. Ratings and reviews - Find honest reviews for any therapist in Perth. Leave feedback on your own experiences as a patient.
  2. Top-rated therapists - We’ll show you the best available therapists in Perth for your specific issues (e.g. depression, trauma, social skills).
  3. Personalised matching - Our AI-powered recommendation system will consider your personality, background, mental health history, and needs to match you with right therapist for you.

About the team

I'm a final-year medical student in Perth, Australia. I've completed mental health and psychiatry placements at Royal Perth Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, the Marian Centre, and other addiction clinics and general practices around Western Australia. I also advocate for health and human rights for refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.

I also have 12 years of software development experience. This ranges from full-stack and machine learning engineering at Canva, to cutting-edge AI research in respiratory medicine, and founder of a successful blockchain development business. I'm the listed inventor on two patents, and I've won scholarships and awards from Australian medical research organisations and even Big Tech companies like Apple and Pebble.

I'm excited to use technology to transform mental health for the better.

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