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Tania Henry

Tania Henry
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Psychologist specialising in Depression

📍 Claremont

Tania Henry, armed with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, boasts over a decade of experience dedicated to the mental health of young women within educational and governmental settings. She harbours a deep passion for the mental well-being of entire families, focusing particularly on empowering parents and young women. Tania's work aims to nurture skills in self-care, emotional regulation, and, most importantly, self-compassion, challenging the often harsh expectations placed upon us by society.

Despite her expertise with teenage girls, life has presented Tania with the delightful challenge of raising two energetic boys. Her sons keep her life full of motion, laughter, and the occasional tear, constantly reminding her of the joy found in life's simplest moments. Through her personal experiences and professional expertise, Tania brings a unique perspective to her practice, emphasising the importance of joy, compassion, and resilience in the journey towards mental health and well-being.

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