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Melissa Baunton

Melissa Baunton
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Psychologist specialising in Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Anxiety, and Depression

đź“Ť Claremont

The perinatal period, encompassing conception, pregnancy, and the early postnatal years, represents a time of joy, yet it is also fraught with challenges and emotional upheavals that can impact the mental and emotional well-being of parents. This phase can stir a range of unexpected emotions, compounded by the pressure of internal and external expectations. I offer my expertise in navigating these complex emotions in a reassuring, comforting, and nonjudgmental manner, providing validation and support through this transformative time.

My psychology services address a wide array of concerns including preparation for pregnancy, postpartum challenges, and the transition to parenthood. I deal with feelings of worry, anxiety, depression, and the struggle with intrusive thoughts, as well as issues around identity changes, feelings of inadequacy, and difficulties in connecting with your baby or adjusting to the reality of parenthood versus expectations. I also focus on relationship impacts during this period, processing birth experiences, and navigating the journey of pregnancy and parenting after loss or infertility.

With a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University and over a decade of experience, I am dedicated to offering a safe and supportive space for individuals and couples. My work, informed by my personal journey through conception challenges and parenthood, is driven by a passion to normalise and validate the myriad emotional responses encountered during the perinatal period.

In my role at Western Obstetrics and as the senior counsellor at Fertility Specialists of Western Australia, I provide psychological support to those undergoing fertility treatments, exploring donor conception, or facing the decision to cease fertility treatments. As a member of the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors’ Association (ANZICA), I am committed to helping clients navigate their paths with insight, self-compassion, and confidence, challenging societal norms and fostering meaningful change in their lives.

I can help you with

Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum
Coping Skills
Relationship Issues
Family Conflict
Grief and Loss
Self Esteem