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Rosie Haabjoern

Rosie Haabjoern
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Psychologist specialising in Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma and PTSD

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Rosie is a highly qualified clinical psychologist with a comprehensive background in both the public and private sectors, including mental health and forensic settings. Holding a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) with Honours and a Master of Clinical Psychology, her expertise spans in-depth assessment and treatment across a wide age range and a variety of concerns. These include depression, anxiety, complex trauma, adjustment difficulties, addiction problems, psychosis, and auditory hallucinations.

Central to Rosie's approach is creating a safe, non-judgmental space where strong therapeutic relationships can flourish. She values collaborative work with her clients, aiming to explore the influence of past experiences on present challenges. Rosie’s therapeutic goal is to foster self-awareness, reduce symptoms, promote adaptive coping strategies, and enhance relationship satisfaction. To achieve these ends, she integrates multiple therapy models tailored to individual needs and goals, including cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, attachment-based, and trauma-focused therapies. This adaptable approach ensures a holistic and personalized path towards mental well-being and personal growth.

I can help you with

Trauma and PTSD
Substance Use