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Gillian Stevens

Gillian Stevens
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Psychologist specialising in Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma and PTSD

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Gillian is a seasoned psychologist with an impressive 20-year career that spans clinical practice in both government and private sectors, as well as academia, where she teaches, conducts research, and supervises postgraduate students. Her clinical expertise is broad, catering to both adults and adolescents facing a range of issues from clinical to non-clinical. Gillian's therapeutic approach is collaborative and rooted in evidence-based methodologies.

Moreover, Gillian is skilled in producing victim compensation and court reports, reflecting her comprehensive experience with forensic psychology. In addition to her clinical work, she provides valuable supervision and mentoring for students and professionals in various stages of their careers, including postgraduate counselling, psychology, and social work students, provisional psychologists, and registered psychologists needing continuing professional development (CPD).

As a founding member of the Association of Counselling Psychologists, she is deeply involved in advancing the profession. Her areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, substance use, stress management, trauma, grief, loss, and relationship difficulties, as well as clinical supervision and education.

I can help you with

Trauma and PTSD
Chronic Pain
Substance Use
Grief and Loss
Relationship Issues